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Fitzgerald Charity Housing

Revolutionizing Investment Opportunities in Australia

We provide outstanding residential investment prospects with a plethora of benefits that surpass traditional investments. By investing with us, you not only ensure remarkable returns but also contribute to the welfare of the entire community.

Australia is facing a housing crisis

Bridging the Million-Home Gap


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As rents and property prices soar, countless Australians face the threat of homelessness. To counter this challenge, Fitzgerald Housing We present unique investment opportunities that power social responsibility. Our approach guarantees high returns on secure investments while providing affordable housing for Australians in need.

Social Impact

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Fitzgerald Housing's innovative solution empowers investors to make a tangible difference in solving Australia's affordable housing crisis. We offer enticing tax benefits and government incentives, ensuring a cost-effective investment that yields impressive returns while creating a positive social impact.


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Our ethical strategy revolves around providing residential investment opportunities with a fixed term to accommodate Australians. Investors benefit from capital gains, rental income, and tax breaks, while vulnerable Australian workers, veterans, and single-parent families gain access to secure housing.

Building Strong Communities through Ethical Investment Opportunities

Investing in affordable housing with Fitzgerald Housing means investing in Australia’s future as well as your own. Secure housing fosters strong communities, enabling individuals to actively contribute to society through volunteering, sports, and social engagements.

Fitzgerald Housing: Tackling the Housing Crisis

The number of homeless Australians has been on a steady rise, with the 2016 census reporting 116,000 individuals. However, service providers estimate that the figure may have doubled since then. Amidst successive government failures to address the issue, Fitzgerald Housing has taken up the mantle.

Contact us to start helping the homeless.

Empowering Communities, Enriching Lives

Our vision is a nation without homelessness, where every individual can reach their full potential and contribute to the community. Studies on investment in affordable housing have revealed numerous social benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced worker productivity and economic growth
  2. Reduced mental and physical illnesses, alleviating the strain on medical services
  3. Decreased crime rates, easing the burden on law enforcement and the court system
  4. Improved overall happiness and community well-being
Fitzgerald Housing Investors Guide To ROI

Secure housing leads to better educational and life outcomes for children, driving property values in safe communities. Enjoy remarkable monthly returns and capital growth on your investment while simultaneously fostering robust communities across Australia.

Fitzgerald Housing: Rising to the Challenge

As a not-for-profit, registered charity, we offer residential properties at 25% below market value in highly sought-after locations. With guaranteed rent payment during the 5, 10, or 15-year lease term, your investment is secure. Upon the term’s conclusion, your property is returned fully refurbished, with up to 60% off Capital Gains Tax if you decide to sell.

Our Vision for the Future

Fitzgerald Housing envisions a future where Australian housing is affordable, eco-friendly, and sustainable. We aim to disrupt the industry, promoting change that eradicates waste, land banking, excessive profits, and environmental degradation.

Guilt Free Investments

We believe houses should primarily serve as homes, not commodities. Our goal is to foster a collaborative mindset between tenants and landlords, ensuring wealth generation through property investment benefits everyone involved.

Adaptable and forward-thinking, Fitzgerald Housing is committed to leading the industry towards an ethical, sustainable, and affordable future.

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