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Social Impact

Every Australian and International study done into investment in affordable housing has shown a plethora of beneficial social impacts. Affordable housing ensures a wealthy community.

A Leg-up, not a Hand-out for a Little Aussie Battler.

A Leg-up, not a Hand-out for a Little Aussie Battler.

Aussies have an international reputation for lending a hand to those who are doing it tough, it’s how our team was formed. Australians will support the underdog in a fight, and identify with the “Little Aussie Battler”. There are millions of Aussies who are doing it tough because of the housing crisis. Fitzgerald Housing aims to give them a leg-up, with your help.

are affordable housing tenants good tenants

Are Affordable Housing Tenants Good Tenants?

One of the myths Fitzgerald Housing’s research team keeps coming across is that tenants in affordable housing are bad tenants and a risk to your investment. We disagree with this myth and as we understand where it has begun, have unpacked that baggage to examine it closely.