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Fitzgerald Charity Housing

Properties on offer now

Our team has located investment opportunities using property data since 1900 – 2023 to offer property investment with the highest capital gains.

Right now we have a range of apartments available in various locations in Sydney. Keep checking back to this page to see our latest properties.

Fitzgerald Housing properties page
Fitzgerald Housing properties page


Available in Sydney


10 Apartments Listed - Bustling CBD, multicultural, great food/nightlife, near river/parks, excellent transportation.


4 Apartments Listed - 2 Sold - 2 Available - Inner eastern suburb, leafy streets, parks, rapid transport, trendy cafes/restaurants, booming market.


1 Apartment Listed - 1 Sold - Beachside suburb, beside Botany Bay, resort-like, trendy bars/cafes, easily accessible, gentrifying, prime market.


2 Apartments Listed - Close to Parramatta CBD, well-connected, great public transport, parkland, shopping, parking, near train station.

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