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With our property investment benefits and excellent support, we help you reach your goal of buying a house.

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Long-Term Capital Gains Tax Updates for 2023

As an investor, it’s crucial to stay updated with the latest tax regulations to maximize your profits and avoid legal complications. In this article, we’ll cover the long-term capital gains tax updates for the tax year 2023 and how it can affect your investments.

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ROI Mastery: The Key to Sustainable Property Investment in 2023

Attention all real estate investors! Are you looking for the key to sustainable property investment in 2023? Look no further than ROI Mastery! Our comprehensive guide unlocks the secrets of real estate ROI and teaches you everything you need to know about the formula, cost and out-of-pocket methods, and factors impacting your return on investment.

A Leg-up, not a Hand-out for a Little Aussie Battler.

What if there was a way to tackle the housing crisis and make money?

“What if” questions are often the key to new, exciting innovations, they help unlock our creativity. Fitzgerald Housing was founded with a “What if” question and we will continue to ask them. With the severe housing shortage in Australia, and the growing numbers of homeless, this question had to be answered:

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Offering Affordable Housing to Homeless Australians

Fitzgerald Housing aims to offer affordable housing to homeless Australians with a solution that will also help to secure the financial future of our investors. We have a win-win answer to Australia’s housing crisis and we plan to bring more solutions in the future.