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Fitzgerald Charity Housing
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Real estate is the most valuable asset of many Australians.

Our aim is to simplify the investment and management of residential real estate.

Allow us to protect your investment by creating correct legal structures to minimise your risk in property ownership, as well as help you to understand and find strategic commercial and customized solutions in complex property projects.

Purchase of newly developed properties at 25% below market value due to our charitable status and government allowances

Full refurbishment of investment properties to as good as new standards, back to the original state of the property, at no extra cost

Full management of tenants and tenant selection to ensure the property is always occupied by tenants who meet the criteria for affordable housing

Flexible investment options of 5, 10, and 15 years

Provision of a full depreciation schedule to the investor

Tax deductions on rental income, negative gearing, and more

No yearly fees for property management or other associated costs

Low initial deposit of only AU$1000 required to start investing

Additional incentives such as free educational resources and exclusive investment opportunities.