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Fitzgerald Charity Housing

Fitzgerald Housing’s Charitable Mission

We aim to supply investment in affordable residential properties to address the housing crisis. 

Fitzgerald Housing Charity

Is a Registered Charity in Australia. This status entitles Fitzgerald Housing to the following:

  • Reduced tax 
  • Access to Government Grants
  • Other benefits

Fitzgerald Housing was established to assist Australians

Into affordable, secure, long term housing through third party investment. It aims to do this in the following ways:

Invest with the best

Our Mission and Vision

  • Our mission is dedicated to addressing the housing crisis in Australia by providing innovative strategies that improve accessibility and affordability. We are committed to nurturing strong partnerships with our stakeholders and offering practical solutions that meet the needs of our communities.
  • We envision a future in which everyone has access to safe, secure, and affordable housing options. We strive to be at the forefront of innovative solutions that are built on ethical and sustainable principles.

Invest with the best

Our Aims and Goals

  • Our short-term goal is to provide a better future for Australians through investment in affordable housing.
  • Over the long-term Fitzgerald Housing plans to innovate in the housing sector enough to disrupt the industry to change for the better in all areas. We are committed to researching creative methods to lower housing costs, provide investment opportunities, and house Australians sustainably.

Invest with the best

OUR Story

Fitzgerald Housing was born from the personal experience of our founder, Gary Fitzgerald. Gary came very close to homelessness and was shocked by how easy it was. After working in real estate for 30 years, he decided to do something about the issue. During Covid Gary and John Burgoyne researched methods of providing housing that all Australians can afford.  The result is our win-win strategy of investment in affordable housing.

The strategy provides investors of all sizes with the opportunity to purchase residential property at massive discounts over fixed terms, with monthly rental payments and a fully refurbished property at the end of the term. It also addresses the housing crisis by providing Australians with safe, secure, long tenure housing.

Our Board

Gary has around three decades of experience in the Australian real estate industry. He has managed his own real estate businesses in Sydney successfully.

He found he was unhappy with some of the schemes used by other agents, developers and property managers and believed there was a better way.

After a scare when he almost became homeless himself and realised just how easy it was, he pivoted his career, looking for socially responsible methods to sell and manage real estate. The result is Fitzgerald Housing.

Our Collaborators

Fitzgerald Housing collaborates with the best in the business to bring you the complete package and save your time and money. To bring our investors peace of mind, we scoured the Australian property industry to find those people and organisations who are leaders in their field to work with. You can rest assured that your investment is set up and managed by the premium in their area with years of experience and expertise.


We collaborate with Corelogic, the internationally recognised leading provider of analytics and data in the property investment industry.

Evolution Wealth Advisory

Martin Javernig, our finance broker, is a director and private client adviser at Evolution Wealth Advisory, with 20 years' experience in the financial services industry.


Astills are conveyancing experts with more than 45 years experience and over 1.5 million clients! They will ensure your Conveyance is given the due care and attention it deserves.


JPR Law is another of the Lawyers we use to ensure everything runs smoothly and all legals are completed correctly, on time. You can be sure the all important legal area is completely covered.

Washington Brown

Quantity surveyors are Australia’s depreciation experts. Providing you with an itemised depreciation schedule on your capital asset to ensure you don’t miss any tax or other benefits.

Connecting Up

The Connecting Up program supports Australian not-for-profit organisations to build stronger communities through the use of technology.

Echo Realty

Echo Realty shares our vision of providing affordable homes to Australians and are also a not-for-profit company.

Our collaborative approach is grounded in a logical, client-focused, forward-looking framework.

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